Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Well the move happened - I made a quick decision and pretty much resigned, packed and disappeared in about two seconds flat. Its like pulling off a band-aid - better if you do it fast before you think about it too much.

So I'm habituating in the north now, living with Mum after 10 years apart - and surprisingly that has been the simplest part of the move! I'm one semester down of four at Paramedic School and enjoying LOVING it.

I've caught back up with some really good friends that geographically I haven't been part of their lives in the last decade. It's good - I love being able to help out with their sprogs, play, drink copious coffee's and generally enjoy the ability to pop on over!

I miss the deep south, the friends, the long stretch of coastline I used to look out over, the restaurant, the bar, the station. Especially hard was missing the engagement of my favourite couple EVER; well, not the engagement but the few days after of champagne and happiness - it's just not the same over the phone. Still good, still giddy, but, I want to hug them.

My family needs me, the cousin not only has two incredibly cute children that I love, but Parkinsons, a debilitating disease that is stealing his strength, his balance, his freedom and ability to work, but not his love, joy in his children, and the strength of character that I know will get him through the darkest days. But as an aside - Parkinsons - it's not just about shaking, and it's not just for old people - its a BITCH! I can't cure him as much as I'd love that magical power but I can mind the kids as much as is needed, they are a pleasure and treasure.

As well as being a parapup and learning the tools to save lives, this little mini-med has been really enjoying her photography. I've taken it to the next level with a course or two and a few thousand more photos added to my collection, an (unpaid) job, and potentials in the pipeline...

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