Sunday, March 21, 2010

Twenty Six. . .

1: I HATE feet - mine and yours.

2: I love easily - and am hurt easily as a result.

3: My boobs are heaps bigger than they look in clothes.

4: I can't think of anything I am scared of - except for failing.

5: I cut the end of my finger off years ago ... it's name is Stumpy.

6: I think the reason children love me is that they know I'm just a big kid.

7: Loyalty is one of my strongest traits.

8: I have owned 3 cars - Burt, Oscar and Charlie.

9: I read almost every night - even if the words are blurred from alcoholic effects.

10: My mother has recieved a fathers day card from me every year since I was three.

11: I love Africa - although I haven't been yet.

12: I have visited a number of prisons around the country.

13: Beetroot, Pickled Onions, Pork, Bacon and Oysters are some of my favourite foods.

14: If I could do anything in my life once again it would be talking to my Grandpa.

15: I have skydived more than once.

16: I have only had one panic attack ever - it was enough.

17: I love the sight of blood.

18: I can't wait to be a mother but I can wait before I have children.

19: I often regret not standing up for myself.

20: I don't have a sweet tooth.

21: Once you are in my heart, its almost impossible for me to let you go.

22: I do it alone, but tell others not too.

23: I'm a shit magnet. Also, I attract nutbars.

24: I have eaten, worms, bugs, and testicles.

25: My collection of poems is like reading a tortured soul.

26: I cry at movies, books, ads and when others cry but try to stop crying when I am sad.

~So long 26... you've been great, but I'm looking forward to 27 and all it is going to throw at me.

Liking, loving, laughing, longing, lazing, learning. . .