Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Learning ...

Paramedic School is hard.
Thankfully it is also rewarding, challenging, enjoyable and as cheesy as it sounds feels like my true calling...

The first few weeks kicked my butt, full time study had me seriously wiped out. It was all I could do to drag myself home and eat before I fell asleep. I felt a little separated from the rest of the group as I was granted RPL for the first year so joined a group that knew each other and had worked together already but they are great bunch some interesting characters for sure!

Assignments were long hard and often, exams and quizzes constant but I did it - I have papered the fridge with A's and I am VERY proud of myself.

I am saturating myself in all things medical, I spent a period with a fixed wing ambulance crew, which was an awesome experience and fingers crossed may even lead to a casual position with them. I put in my first and second IV's (thanks Mum!), have read miles of ECG's and putting differential diagnoses to the test at every opportunity.

A tired, happy wee minimed - loving learning, stretching my mind and doing the best I can do!

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