Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I think mentally I am reserved. For what/who I don't know. Maybe one of these days a boy will come along and make me laugh, want to hang out, not cringe when I burp, and be happy to fit into my manically busy existence. (Yes I call them boys - men are scary)

Unfortunately, I am not dating. Its not that dating scares me per say, but, I'm not sure I know how to do it. How to get back into that circle? I work in a bar (or two) so get drunken offers every now and then and whilst they work wonders on my self esteem, they are not offering a date - generally I think they just want to get smutty - which don't get me wrong is not an inherently bad thing it just isn't where I am at.

The few people I have glanced twice at recently have been for all intents and purposes not ideal. Although they seem to get a wee slice of my imagination for a while, at the end of the day I know they are not Mr Right, or even Mr Rightfornow. In most cases the biggest problem has been geography - they all either live or work a million miles away and have only stepped onto my corner of the earth for a holiday, break or visit. They walk into my life, make my heart beat slightly faster for a few seconds, then leave again. This leaves me unattainable for a while as I get caught in a day dream of what could have been... I snap back out of it eventually, I'm not still pining for them (often) but then the cycle seems to repeat.

Is my subconscious not letting me move forward, am I drawn to boys that aren't/can't be relationship material?
If so... Bite me subconscious I want a someone! If it is why? I am over the ex, happily friends with him but not going backwards in life. I am secure and happy in myself I think... so bring it on!

Part of the problem could be the fact that I don't 'do' one night stands therefore almost everyone I meet in a bar/on a night out, I discount because I believe that 99.76% of them are just after a root... am I wrong?

Don't get me wrong I am not a biological time bomb ready to explode into marriage and babies, I'm in no rush. I just think I've been single long enough now and sitting in front of the fire in my new place would be so much nicer with someone to steal the heat from...

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