Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mountain Climbing...

Not in the literal hiking boots, alpine air and dehydrated snacks kind of way, it's been more figurative.

I have moved out of my house with a few twinges of the heart strings for my old villa (not nearly as grand as it sounds), been temporarily nomadic, flat hunted, had my references checked and been approved by the new landlords to make my habitat in their rental. I have a mountain of boxes deposited inside the door, and it is going to take some mental (and physical strength) to unpack, organise and get sorted.

Also I have climbed a career mountain and am (mostly) on a path that will mean I'm finally a paramedic before I'm covered in wrinkles and my back has gone out from the strain of lifting patients. Unfortunately, that is going to mean another move before the end of the year - I'm seriously tempted to live out of the boxes until then.

At the top ... I'll see you on the other side

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